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Private Personal Training 
Private Partner Training - Small Group Private Training

2376 S Downing St Denver, CO 80210


Pivot Health & Fitness

Physical fitness is important at every age. Pivot Health & Fitness delivers tailored workout programs that focus on your individual goals and keeps you accountable in reaching those goals.  In addition, each program is developed to address any concerns or physical limitation you may have or wish to overcome.  

Keep strong, mobile, flexible with Pivot Health & Fitness.  

Weather you prefer the privacy of personal training, accountability of training with a partner or the energy and support of a small group (small group private training is limited to four participants), training at Pivot Health and Fitness will keep you accountable, motivated and on task as you work towards your personal health and fitness goals.  At Pivot Health and Fitness, the studio is yours for your appointment time.  At Pivot Health & Fitness, there are no members to interrupt your workout and there will be no additional trainers with their clients during your workout, the entire studio is yours and yours alone.  This gives your personal trainer the ability to develop your program without having to redirect workouts due to equipment being utilized by other trainers. Pivot Health & Fitness is truly a no judgement zone with your own space to work on your desired goals.  No slamming weights, eves dropping members or loud conversations to impact your workout.  Kind of like Las Vegas, what happens in Pivot Health and Fitness stays in Pivot Health and Fitness.            




At Pivot Health and Fitness, we work with you to develop the best program for you to reach your goals. 

We offer the following services in a studio setting with no other members or trainer.  This offers you the best opportunity to reach your individual goals: 

  • Private Personal training: This service allows the personal trainer to work one on one with a client with no disruptions from other trainers or members. Private personal training allows the client to enjoy the entire studio space for their scheduled workout, distraction and disruption free. 

  • Private Partner Personal Training:  This service allows the trainer to work two on one for those individuals who prefer a little extra motivation in reaching their goals.  Private partner personal training allows you and your partner to push one another to reach your goals and set new ones.  Again, the full studio is yours to enjoy, no waiting for your favorite piece of equipment.  ​

  • Private Small Group Personal Training: This service allows the trainer to work with no more than four clients simultaneously.  This is a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits and personal attention of a personal trainer without the individual price tag.  Also, the small group atmosphere fosters esprit de corps, accountability, and friendly competition.      

About Nicole

Nicole Edelstein
Owner, Personal Trainer
Christmas 2021 Stella&Skye.jfif

An avid health and fitness enthusiast, Nicole Edelstein's passion for fitness began

as a collegiate rower at Marist College where her crew earned state, conference and national titles.  An Army Veteran, Nicole motivated fellow soldiers to push themselves to do their best and never quit!  Continuing her love for health, Nicole worked in corporate wellness providing preventive health screenings and health coaching to at risk individuals.  Since 2004, Nicole has provided personal training services and lead group fitness classes. Nicole returned to the classroom in 2009 earning her degree in respiratory therapy and is a Registered Respiratory Therapist. 


Nicole's credentials include: 

BS Marist College

MS Fitness Education, Troy University

ASCM Certified Personal Trainer

ACSM Certified Exercise Leader

Certified Functional Aging Specialist

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

Certified Kettlebell Concepts Instructor

TRX Qualified Suspension Training

TRX Qualified Group Training

TRX Qualified Sports Medicine Suspension Training 

Registered Respiratory Therapist 


In her free-time, Nicole lives what she preaches.  Do what you love and love what you do. This mantra was the motivation for the relocation from South Florida to Denver, Colorado. Being so close to the mountains opens up a whole host of outdoor activities that were unattainable without extraordinary means living in South Florida.  Along with her husband Chris, they enjoy hiking, biking, down-hill skiing, stand-up paddle boarding and keeping their four-legged "kids" Skye and Ash well exercised with walks on nearby trails.  When on vacation, Nicole and Chris find themselves venturing to far off places to hike and experience all the flora, fauna and of course food the area has to offer.   

Nicole creates challenging workouts that focus on helping clients develop more optimal movement patterns, increase strength, increase bone density, increase balance, mobility and flexibility.  Her energy and enthusiasm keep you motivated and focused throughout your program and push you to achieve your personal goals!

Work toward your goals and experience great results!   

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